Guest Post: Clark Falconer.

conquest of happiness

conquest of happiness (Photo credit: the waving cat)


Happiness (Photo credit: baejaar)

Sigmund Freud: We..turn to the.. question of what men themselves show by their behaviour to be the purpose and intention of their lives. What do they demand of life and wish to achieve in it? The answer to this can hardly be in doubt. They strive after happiness; they want to become happy and to remain so. The endeavour has two sides, a positive and negative aim. It aims, on

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smoking cigar. Español: Sigmund Freud, fundador del psicoanálisis, fumando. Česky: Zakladatel psychoanalýzy Sigmund Freud kouří doutník. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the one hand, at an absence of pain and unpleasure, and, on the other, at the strong feelings of pleasure. (130a,p.76)


John MacMurray, philosopher. Freedom is, I am assured, the pearl of great price for which, if we are wise, we shall be prepared to sell all our possessions, to buy it. The ancient and widespread belief that the supreme good of human life is happiness-for all its persuasiveness- is false. Freedom has a higher value than happiness; and this is what we recognize when we honour those who have been ready to sacrifice happiness, and even life itself, for freedom’s sake.

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One Response to Guest Post: Clark Falconer.

  1. achakra says:

    Freedom apart from or equal to happiness – the dilemma and paradox.

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