Hatred and Forgiveness – Julia Kristeva


Fatigue in the Feminine

Analysis – Julia Kristeva p. 124 / 125


Colette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Freudian path is entirely different. By implicitly inviting his disciples to participate in constant, endless transference-countertransference, oedipal prime and oedipal two, inside and outside, men and women, and several patients a day, an indefatigable psychical plasticity is demanded of us by the psychoanalytical experience. This amorous suppleness, this infidelity that we enact from one analysand to another is only tiring if we get caught up in the trap of countertransferential identifications, and if we allow the fluidity of the analytic process, required for a ‘good analysis’ to become petrified.  On the contrary, if we manage to keep our attention ‘floating’ and our unconscious always ready to travel through the meanders of the various oedipal stages, prime or two, feminine or masculine, drives and meanings, and vice versa, and in different ways with each analysand, I do not think it is a matter of an aptitude for regression, or the efficacy of a lightened (protective rather than tyrannical) superego, or even a mania to switch objects perversely, specific to psychoanalysts; but a back and forth between agencies of the psychical apparatus, so many stations in the history of the speaking subject, which, by virtue of being revisited in this paradoxical amorous link that we call transference-countertransference, is relieved of the passionate hold (or its lack) that is gruelling for its protagonists.  Continually at play in the plurality of the links with our patients, transferential-countertransferential love, accompanied by it elucidation mobilizes and favours our psychosexual plasticity.  Can we imagine a better antidote to our fatigues? Neither ‘checkmating’ the object of love, as the mystic would have it, nor love as ‘one of the great commonplaces of existence’ as the writer given over to her sublimation would say; but a plurality of real-imaginary-symbolic transferential links, attentive to the two-sided oedipal phase of the woman, that accompany the feminine in man as well and give the most subtle among us this gracious maturity and fresh vitality we see radiate from certain women, at ease in their psychical bisexuality. Analysts of both sexes deal with it tirelessly in their listening and in their interpretation:  tireless guardians, because tireless builders of psychical space as open, incomplete, interminable structures. How? By not being made ‘of steel’ but simply ‘of woman’.”

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