The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – Jonathan Shedler

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English: Flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From:  February – March 2010, American Psychologist – p. 98


“7 Distinctive Features of Psychodynamic Technique


#1.  Focus on affect and expression of emotion.  Psychodynamic therapy encourages exploration and discussion of the full range of a patient’s emotions.  The therapist helps the patient describe and put words to feelings, including contradictory feelings, feelings that are troubling or threatening, and feelings that the patient may not initially recognize or acknowledge (this stands in contrast to a cognitive focus, where the greater emphasis is on thoughts and beliefs; Blagys and Hilsenroth, 2002, Burum and Goldfried, 2007).

There is also a recognition that intellectual insight is not the same as emotional insight, which resonates at a deep level and leads to change (this is one reason why many intellectual and psychologically minded people can explain the reasons for their difficulties, yet their understanding does not help them overcome those difficulties).”


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