A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis Theory and Technique – Bruce Fink


Forest Path

Kindle Version Location 402 – Bruce Fink

“It is when patients begin to throw such things in question – when the what, why and who of their utterances become problematic to them – that they are genuinely engaged in analysis. It is at this point that they are engaged in something which goes beyond the simple demand to be relieved of one or more specific symptoms. Everything becomes questionable; what was most certain is no longer at all certain, and they are now open to listening to their unconscious, to hearing the other voice that speaks through them, and to attempting to decipher it.

The space thus opened up is one in which analysands no longer know what they are saying or even what they are pursuing, but place their faith in the ability of the unconscious – in the formations (dreams, fantasies, daydreams, forgetting, and slips) it produces in the course of analysis – to guide them. It is a space of desire, insofar as “desire is a question,” as Lacan says, a wondering. Once patients begin to wonder about the why and wherefore of their words, thoughts, and fantasies, begin to formulate questions about them, their desire is engaged in analysis.”

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