A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis – Bruce Fink


Kindle Location – 3074 – Bruce Fink

“In referring to the goal of ‘living out the drive‘ Lacan is implying not that the ‘fully analyzed’ subject becomes a kind of nonstop pleasure-seeking machine, but that desire stops inhibiting the subject from obtaining satisfaction.  One of my analysands expressed the neurotic’s predicament quite nicely by saying that he could notenjoy his enjoyment,’ implying that his satisfaction was, in some sense, ruined or tainted by simultaneous feeling of dissatisfaction or displeasure …

Lacan maintains that the neurotic in analysis must be brought not to the point of altogether jettisoning the symbolic constraints on the drives, jettisoning the ego and superego entirely, but to the point of ‘accepting in a new way, the drives and the type of satisfaction they seek (Lacan, Seminar XI, 246/273)’.

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