Traumatised and Non-Traumatized States of the Personality — Rafael E. Lopez-Corvo

PabloPicasso-Weeping-Woman-with-Handkerchief-1937                                     (The Weeping Woman, Picasso – from Wikipedia)

p. 2   “I distinguish between “conceptual” and “pre-conceptual” traumas, as events that take place at different times.  The first represents emotional reactions that take place at an adult age, when due to frustration intolerance, conscious alpha function falls short in containing and metabolising a given traumatic situation.  There is a large literature on “post traumatic stress disorders” (PTSD).

“Pre-conceptual traumas”, on the other hand, take place at an early age, when a mind capable of metabolising the facts was not yet present and the mother’s reverie or unconscious alpha function failed.  I have chosen an expression used in quantum physics – “quantum entanglement” – to refer to the correlation or interconnection between objects that make up a system, even if the individual objects are spatially separated.  Very often some situations that take place at a mature age can become traumatic mostly because they automatically elicit emotions that echo similar or “entangled” feelings from previous pre-conceptual traumas, which seem to remain always lying in waiting.  From this statement we could conjecture, as Freud (1895) states , that “conceptual traumas” always contain “deferred actions”, or better, “deferred emotions” from pre-conceptual traumas.” “

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