Traumatised and Non-Traumatized States of the Personality — Rafael E. Lopez-Corvo

535901409p. 53   “Without the presence of an alpha function my patient’s little spider became a negative space, a “bizarre object”, a powerful presence of an absence, or as Bion has stated, just “dream furniture”.

If the contact barrier is missing, there is no capacity to discriminate between being awake and being immersed in the middle of a nightmare.   The spider loses its real characteristics of harmless insignificance once it becomes the container of the patient’s projection, – “beta elements plus ego and superego traces” – acquiring the power of an unyielding monster as it takes place in any bad dream.  Every time the external object is enveloped by projected beta elements and loses it true mien, the individual remains immersed inside the “furniture of dreams”, unable to wake up.”

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