Bion’s Sources – The Shaping of His Paradigms – Edited by Nuno Torres and R.D. Hinshelwood


Chapter 2 – Gregariousness and the Mind – Bion and Trotter, an update.

p. 13,  Nuno Torres

“In a bold epistemological movement, Bion expanded empiricism to the idealist domains when he proposed (taking up Freud’s idea) that the “psychical qualities” received by consciousness – i.e. the mental counterpart of emotional experiences – are also to be considered actual experiences as much as sensorial experiences received by the senses (1962, pp. 4, 33).  Here Bion was forced to bypass Kant’s limitations of pure reason and the intellect, and to propose trained intuition as a method of contacting non-sensuous psychoanalytic objects.  Through disciplined and trained metaphysical-like intuition, combined with an abstract system of notation, the non-sensuous counterparts of emotional experiences could be researched and psychoanalytic observation and knowledge could be enlarged.”

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