Psychoanalytic Studies of the Personality – W. R. D. Fairbairn

p. 15

“In the case of the individual with a schizoid tendency, accordingly, there is an over-valuation of mental contents corresponding to the over-valuation of bodily contents implied in the oral incorporative attitude of early childhood.  This over-valuation of mental contents shows itself, for example, in the difficulty experienced by the individual with a schizoid tendency over expressing emotion in a social context.  For such an individual, that element of giving which is involved in expressing emotion towards others has the significance of losing contents: and it is for this reason that he so often finds social contacts exhausting.  Thus, if his is long in company, he is liable to feel that ‘virtue has gone out of him’, and that he requires a period of quiet and solitude afterwards in order that the inner storehouse of emotion may have an opportunity to be replenished.”

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