Teaching Bion – Modes and Approaches – Karnac Books 2015

                              Image courtesy of Hal Brindley at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Edited by Meg Harris Williams – The Harris Meltzer Trust

p. xiv  “Teaching, as the authors of this book are well aware, is not a matter of manic projective identification – pushing one’s thoughts into other’s heads – still less of pretending to push in the thoughts of somebody else.  Rather, teaching is just another form of learning from experience with the aid of students who reflect struggles, difficulties and moments of illumination, which are brought into view through the special teaching relationship, which is perhaps as much a matter of transference and countertransference as psychoanalysis itself.  Teaching demonstrates modes of identification with the author, and is accompanied by evidence of the internalisation of other past teachers.  Style, cultural context, personal bias, and interests are all important in making the teaching situation a live and authentic one from which all the participants can select what speaks to them.”

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