The Clinical Thinking of Wilfred Bion – Joan and Neville Symington, 1996

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“… but it is the experience itself that he is trying to elucidate.  Bion describes the phenomena, making use of theories in order to do so.  He uses theories, models and myths as language to describe the activity of the mind. What Bion provides, then, is not a theory but a descriptive analysis or a descriptive synthesis.
     This analysis of the phenomenology had to be conducted according to some principles; those which Bion selects are the emergence of truth and mental growth.  The mind grows through exposure to truth.  Bion  investigates the process through which truth evolves and the process through which truth is blocked.  This is the foundation and it is the only assumption that Bion makes.  He analyses all processes with these two co-ordinates as his basic assumption.  Theories that he employs are used to represent stages in these processes; they are never used as the basic orientation upon which the rest is built.  Therefore any use of theory is always a provisional means of representing a stage in the development or degeneration of truth.”
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