Feminine Law – Freud, Free Speech and the Voice of Desire – Jill Gentile with Michael Macrone, 2016


                                                   Image courtesy of dream designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Karnac Books 2016

p. xxiv

“In psychoanalysis, “free association”  is the name for a patient’s unguided and uncensored thoughts, or rather for the articulation of those thoughts.  Freud, who founded psychoanalysis, came to regard it as “the science of unconscious mental processes” (Freud, S. (1925h).  NegationS.E., 19: 233-240. as in Gentile J., p.70).  He discovered free association as the pathway by which people, in surrendering their unconscious (thoughts not necessarily of their own choosing), can claim agency for their own minds and bodies, creating the possibility for self-determination.  It is the pathway by which we question and deconstruct the tyranny of imposed meanings in favor of expressive freedom.  Its practice sets in motion, as the French psychoanalyst and theorist Julia Kristeva (2007  ‘Speech in psychoanalysis’:  From symbols to the flesh and back.  In:  D. Birksted-Breen, S. Flanders, & A. Gibeault (Eds),  Reading French Psychoanalysis (pp. 421-448). New York, NY Rutledge, 2010 as in Gentile J., p. 70) puts it, an ‘infinitesimal revolution’.”

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