The Conscious Id – Mark Solms (Cape Town), 2013


Photo credit: left-hand via / CC BY-ND

Neuropsychoanalysis, 2013, 15(1)

p. 12  “The classical conception is turned on its head.  Consciousness is not generated in the cortex; it is generated in the brainstem.  Moreover, consciousness is not inherently perceptual; it is inherently affective.  And in its primary manifestations, it has less to do with cognition than with instinct.  In terms of the parallels drawn in Section 2, the conclusion is inescapable:  consciousness is generated in the id, and the ego is fundamentally unconscious.”

p. 14  “The principal value of words, therefore, is not that they enable us to render conscious the inchoate processes of the id (which Freud thought was unconscious); what is important about words is the capacity to represent the relations between things, and re-represent them abstractly.  This enables us to think about things, as opposed to simply think things (to think in images).  This underpins the all-important “third-person” perspective, to which we shall return shortly.”

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