Marital Tensions – Henry V. Dicks, 1967



Photo credit: Bill Gracey 15 Million Views via / CC BY-NC-ND

Karnac Books   p. 332   “… Is not the current demand for sexual autonomy and equality an attempt, a crude beginning of the fusion between the good and the sexual woman, and an essay in the greater tolerance of ambivalence and ‘ugliness’ than the receding world of double standards knew?  And are not our deprecated young non-heroes turning on the man-of-iron values that produced totalitarianisms, those monstrosities of male savagery, debunking them with jazz, ridicule and still rather shocking assertion of the primacy of Eros over Mars.

     To the pious guardians of the medieval order also the resurrection of the pagan world and its sensual beauty was no renaissance … but the dissolution of all values and restraints.  One of its effects was the full-scale collective paranoia of the witch-hunts to counter the threat of women’s power to control men’s libido.  The battle has fluctuated since then roughly in centuries of libidinal and anti-libidinal prominence, at least in England, but the musty odour of St. Paul and St. Augustine of Hippo has lessened progressively as we have shed the constricting carapace of the medieval world view and let in the fresher air of natural science — even on the mysterious ways in which mankind is always trying to heal the inexorable division into two that need to unite to create new life.  Eros, for all his tricks and disreputable goings on, is at least the God of Love.”

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